//// Norms and recommendations

*NF EN 12464-1 norm: recommendation for workplace lighting

**X35103 norm: principles of visual ergonomics applied in work place

To get an optimum visual comfort, it is essential to follow the recommendations and lighting norms* and visual ergonomics** in the workplace. Our lighting products respect those standards.

  • 500 lux on the work surface: a desk lamp allows to get the required level without getting over lighting on the whole desk.
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 80 The CRI indicates the possibilities for the light emitted by the source to render the coloured aspect of the object.
  • Warm colour temperature: 2700 – 3400 Kelvin Colour temperature gives information on the lightened space atmosphere.

  • Avoid any glare or considerable contrasts: source of visual fatigue, headaches and frequently cause bad position that can go up to musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Ergonomic norms recommend a maximum ratio of 1 to 3 between the most and the less lightened zones on the work surface: lamps with asymmetrical lighting neutralise glare and increase lighting zone and limit contrasts on the desk which avoids the eyes adjustment constantly.   

Our lamps with asymmetrical lighting are indicated by the following pictogram

on the data sheets -you can easily download them-. 

  • The head of our lamps must be ideally positioned 40 cm above the work surface. You should not choose a lamp with a small arm. 

  • Our range includes lighting products with different arm's length and different fixing device so that they can be adjustable with any type of desks.